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photo scavenger hunt

The Family Friendly Photo Scavenger Hunt Game

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Get Active

family photo scavenger hunt

Family Fun

kids photo scavenger hunt

Snapshot Quest™ uniquely combines a scavenger hunt with elements of a photography competition and a party game!

Participate with family, friends, or individually. Anybody can enjoy this fun, creative and brain stimulating activity.

Create Memories

friends photo scavenger hunt

Get Creative

creative photo scavenger hunt

Interpret simple clues such as "Balancing Rocks". Perhaps head to the beach to create a tower of pebbles. Alternatively, capture a team member on a balance board rocking out with a guitar.

Caption your photo with a witty comment and maybe you'll be ranked number one by your peers!

You will also get to view some of your competitor's entries and vote for your personal favorites.

Time With Loved Ones

couples photo scavenger hunt

Get Outdoors

outdoor photo scavenger hunt

Sign up now for your chance to earn the top spot in our Snapshot Quest Hall of Fame or to be ranked in our Snapshot Gallery!

All you need to enjoy this engaging photo-taking game is your smartphone and a little creativity.

Snapshot Quest™ can be played anywhere and at any time

Sign up for your Snapshot Quest™ today!

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